Monday, August 13, 2007

My original plan for this blogging adventure was to have a daily journal of which I would print out then at the end of the year, make two copies, and give one to each boy. That is one of the reasons why I keep writing about things that the boys say and do. It is much easier than recording these memories in their baby books!

At dinner last night Parker announced that his tummy was full and that there was no more room for his hot dog in there. Kent, on the other hand, had finished his entire meal, so I was rewarding him with ice-cream. Of course, Parker then wanted some. Here is the conversation that followed...

"Mommy, I want some ice-cream."
"You said that there was no room in your tummy for more food."
"My tummy is full for hot dogs, but I have room, here, in my legs for ice-cream."

How convenient.

Kenters has become obsessed with climbing on top of the train table. The problem is that he cannot get himself down. So he just screams until I come to rescue him. Then he climbs right back up. I rescue him. He climbs back again. I rescue him again. Hmmm...I see a sermon somewhere in this!

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Kelly Weinberg said...

What a great idea to print your blog out for your boys! I'm sure that will bring lots of laughs down the road for all of you! Have fun on your trip; I'm sure you will have a lot to write about when you get back!