Monday, August 6, 2007

I can't believe it...

My baby sister got engaged last night. She's is actually older than I was when I got engaged, but somehow I still think she is so young. Janna has been dating JP since she was 17 years old. They met in their high school science class and they attend the same college in Missouri. He proposed yesterday at the Cub's game. I spent two hours watching the game hoping to catch a glimpse of them. It was a nationally televised game and all ESPN cared about was Glavine's 300th win. Don't they care about Janna and JP?!

We are going dress shopping this week already. I'm not sure who all is going on this endeavour, but it can't end on a happy note. The three sisters have distinct tastes and diverse opinions. Janna, Sharon, and I went to Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago to look at wedding magazines and I am surprised we didn't get kicked out. Janna would say, "OH, I love this!". Sharon and I would look at each other and say, "No you don't." When one of us would like something, we'd show the other two for approval. Rarely did all three of us agree. Pretty soon Janna was phrasing her opinions in a form of a question. "I like this?" Sharon and I would respond, " do" or, "EWWWE, no you absolutely do not". Or we would say, "that's been vetoed" . I just have to keep in mind that this is not MY wedding. My other sister and I are having tryouts for the role of "Matron of Honor". I don't particularly care who stands directly behind her....but I still think tryouts will be fun.

The circus has begun!


sharonie said...

too funny! As long as we don't argue in the dressing room and get kicked out of being in her wedding, we will be doing much better than we were for your wedding.

Kelly Weinberg said...

Yeah for Janna!! Tell her I said congratulations! You three sisters are so funny! I can just picture the three of you looking through wedding magazines together! I love the the "Elton" girls!