Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Angel McEneany

This one is for my best friend Angel. I have been thinking about our friendship lately, and how it has blessed my life. Rarely do you find a friend when you are 10 years old and can still call them a friend when you are 29. I can do that.

I first met Angel on the softball field when I was 9 years old. I was playing 3rd base and she hit a fly ball my way. I caught it, but I wished I hadn't. I was afraid that she was going to be mad at me, and not want to be my friend. That fall we were in the same home room class in the 6th grade. We were immediate friends, and from that point on we were inseparable.

We have been through high times and valleys together. When other people deserted me, she did not. When others would pressure me, she did not. She has always accepted me for who I am. She never laughed when I told her that I wanted to be a missionary. She never laughed when I dated the boy with two hearing aids in the 7th grade. She never laughed when I got the worst haircut of my life in the 8th grade! The day before our 8th grade dance, my circle of friends decided to outcast me. Angel went with me to the guidance counselors office and sat with me while I cried. She said she'd go with me despite what everyone else was doing. That is the kind of friend everyone should have.

We have so many memories....like riding to the gas station every day in the summer to buy hot dogs. One time her and I decided it'd be a good idea to write on newly paved black top with chalk. We wrote, "I love JP", and quickly found out that it was not coming off. Her mom made us go outside with toothbrushes and buckets to clean up the chalk before it set permanently. We once put on high heels and danced to "Red Red Wine", and her downstairs neighbor complained and we got in trouble. Her brother was brave enough to take me driving when I was 13. I'm pretty sure you can still the tire marks by the Summer Lakes baseball fields. Angel was by my side the first time I road a roller coaster. She was there the first time I had my heart broken (thanks Dave W.). When I first found out I was pregnant with Parker, I called her to come over so she could look at the 13 tests I took and confirm what I was seeing. She knew about Parker before Erik did. :)

Though our Junior year of high school we both started to go our separate ways, we were able to still remain close. I knew that no matter what I could always go to her. I have the blessing of having a very tight family. My mom, sisters, aunts and I enjoy a unique relationship. But they have to love me...I'm their blood. Angel doesn't have to. I've never been afraid to tell Angel how I truly feel. I don't have to wear a mask around her...and she accepts me. Cause she wants to..not because she has to.

I'm glad I can call her and talk to her about "The Hills" and "Laguna Beach". I'm glad that though our lives are tremendously busy, we make time to talk. I'm glad that our friendship has lasted 19 years. I'm glad that it continues. We beat the odds.


ANGEL said...

We sure have been thru alot, and there is much more to come. There were times I could have been a much better friend, but I guess we learn from our mistakes! Your my sister that my parents never had, and you always will be! Love You Fergie! Or are you Oreo?!

sharonie said...

she was also a friend who accepted and allowed your little sister to hang out with her.