Monday, July 30, 2007

This morning was the first time I gave Kent a plate for a meal. Usually I just put his food on his tray, but I thought I'd experiment. Never again...well, at least not yet. He was too fascinated with dumping his plate and it's contents on the floor. On a funnier note, Kent is our resident kleptomaniac. He takes things from around the house and stashes them in the drawer of the sofa table. This morning I went to get my Ipod out of the drawer, and inside I found a pair of my sandals. I have found a hanger, aluminum foil, and my Bible in there before. Kent has also been carrying around a potato that he's retrieved from the cabinet-it's his new favorite toy. He is also currently obsessed with throwing random things into the garbage can...I've rescued his bunny, his potato, and several cars from there.

Parker' new phrase is "that's spicey". If he doesn't like something, or someone, he calls it spicey. For example..."Parker, please clean up your toys." "Mom, I don't like cleaning up. It's spicey." Dad has been spicey, church has been spicey, and brushing his teeth has been spicey. Yesterday he told me that he didn't want a baby anymore. I asked what he wanted me to do with Kent, and he said I could give him to Miriam (his best friend at church).

Erik and I have said we were done with children, but on Saturday at a wedding shower I held a one year old girl, and my heart just melted. I thought to myself, "I have to have one of these!" Then I got home, and was greeted by a vomiting three year old, a teething one year old, and a hungry twenty nine year old....I think I'm done!


Angel said...

Your blogs crack me up sometimes!!! We're too much alike! Hey - are you guys going to be at Nationals for Youth Council in Indy? We'll be there - Ronnie's doing the AIM trip with our kids. I'll be at the services in the evenings, but with my boys during the day. Hey - say a prayer for me tonight - I'm meeting with a girl - I'll have to talk to ya about it later.

sharonie said...

okay, spicey is cute! At least he doesn't bow down at his mom's feet when he wants something and say "oh la sa leama!"