Monday, July 9, 2007

Whatever Parker had, he has so graciously given to me. Kent had a spell last night as well of flu like symptoms. I wish I could hire a nurse. How am I supposed to take care of children, when I need to be taken care of myself?

Last night I was reading Parker the story of Moses. We went from him being placed in the basket on the river all the way to him leading the Israelites in the Wilderness and receiving bread from heaven. After I read the story to him once, I always go back and re-tell the story, but allowing him to fill in the blanks. I will say a sentence, and then pause, allowing him to finish the rest of the statement. I use the traditional deep voice for God. I don't know why I do's what my mom did for me though. Anyways, by having him participate, I can be sure that he has understood what happened. Here is our conversation last night while he was helping re-tell the story by filling in the blanks.

Me-"When Moses was little his mommy put him in a ...
Parker-"a basket"
Me-"One day Moses was walking and he saw a burning..."
Me-"Then he heard God say, 'Moses, take off your shoes..."
Parker-(In his deep God voice) "You are standing in the mud!"


Angel said...

That is too funny! I do the same thing with Josiah, have him fill in the blanks when I'm reading a story. Hey - thanks for commenting on Megan's page. She's going through so much right now with her heart. She may be able to have surgery this week - if not this week, then in a few weeks. Keep her in your prayers!

Megan said...

Hey Bethany! Thanks for your comment. I see Angel has commented about it. She is such a sister. Always looking out.

I am a very open and honest. Sometimes I say WAY too much. My sister would know that too. I use to hold everything in, but not anymore. I love being in the ministry, but it can be hard at times. I am sure you know it. For a few years I ran from God and said I would never go into ministry because I saw my parents get hurt by people they had stood by for years and years. But...God smacked me around a little bit and I got back in line. Even though it is frustrating at times...I know I am where I am supposed to be.

Thanks for all your prayers dealing with my health. My nights have been horrible and during the day I try to catch back up on sleep.

I do remember you! I look a lot different from Angel's wedding. Once I find out how to put pictures on this thing I will. Or Angel might have shown you. She is a good sister...most of the time JUST KIDDING!

Thanks again and I will pray for you too. Pastors wives should all be there for each other. We have the hardest jobs. LOL