Monday, December 12, 2011

Parker, here you are as a "Country Cousin" in our church's children's program. You were very animated and you sang loud and clear so everyone...and I mean everyone...could hear you. You've come such a long way from being a quiet and shy proud of you!

Kenters, here you are saying your line in the program..."I'm as happy as can be, and I wish you all to hear it. I'm thankful for the gift of Christ, and his love makes the Christmas spirit." You were shy and spoke softly, but I am so proud that you were brave enough to stand up there and recite your lines for memory. What a great debut little man.

Then last night you boys joined the Cornerstone children's bell choir and played bells for the community for an hour. It was cold, it was long, but you boys are troopers!!!!

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