Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So busy, but I wanted to post:

Kenters, I felt so bad for you all last week. You were really sick with a cold, croup, and sinus issues, that eventually led to an ear infection. You were able to have one of your buddies sleep over though, and you were happy about that. I think it is so funny that you want to go to school...you were upset when I told you that you had to stay home for a few days. You missed your buddies Evan and Connor. I am so happy that you are happy at school. :)

Parker, you too were feeling really under the weather the last week. You had the croup as well, and then ended up having a really nasty ear infection. Even though you weren't feeling a 100% I knew you wouldn't want to miss your soccer tournament on Saturday, so I let you play. I could tell your breathing was labored and that you weren't your usual unstoppable self, but regardless, you scored 3 goals in the first game, and 1 in the second game, and your team not only won 1st place in the division, but you were also tournament champs. Boy, do you love soccer. And do you love winning even more! :)

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