Thursday, November 10, 2011


I love your hair. You have the best hair out of anyone in our family. Dad's hair can be brillo pad like...and Parker's hair gets very rough. My hair is thin and wavy (YUCK!). But you my child, have awesome locks.

Besides being a gorgeous shade of blonde, your hair is thick, and straight, with the perfect amount of bounce. Because of that, I have let your hair grow out these last few months. I secretly love that you look a little like Justin, since I've got a touch of Bieber Fever, but if I ever said that to you, you would f-l-i-p out!

The back of your hair seems to grow at a faster pace than the rest, so to avoid a mullet, we will be taking you tomorrow to get a trim. I have asked you if you wanted to cut your hair like Parker, and you said, "No. I like my bangs in my face."

I always want to freeze you just as you, but now are so adorable, and one look from you, or one spoken word, and my heart turns to mush.

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Judith and Lance said...

He does have GREAT hair!!