Monday, October 24, 2011

Gracious Boys...we've got so much going on. Last week my great-great Uncle Johnnie passed away. John Margliano was Grandma Bea's older brother. He was born in 1932, fought in the Korean War, lived in Chicago his entire life, and was a very generous man to those he loved. I gave the eulogy at his funeral, and although it was sad, I felt honored to be able to tell others about the kind man that I knew.

You two stayed home with Daddy and were able to go to Bloomington on Saturday to see Grandpa Paul and Diane, and Uncle Brian and the girls. You had a great time there, but I was happy to be reunited with the three loves of my life.

Tonight we are carving Pumpkins, and then later this week Daddy and I have to leave town to attend the memorial services for Uncle Jason's dad who passed away on Saturday after a long fight with cancer.

While we were at the cemetery paying our final respects to Uncle Johnnie, we also took a few moments to visit Grandpa Gaspare's grave. It was very moving, because it was the first time I saw it since his passing almost two years ago. I loved him very much, and I still miss his presence in my life.

As I have been surrounded by "death" this past week, I have really begun to examine my heart and life. Jesus is the only one who gives our life purpose and meaning. He is what makes us significant and worth any value at all. When we die, we take nothing with us, and all we leave behind is our legacy. I want my legacy to be that I pointed people to Jesus. That's it. I probably won't leave you a large inheritance when I die, but I want to leave you with the Jesus that I knew. If at the end of my life, I can say that I served Jesus with my whole heart, and that I led people to Him, I will die a content soul.

Our eternity is sealed when Jesus is our Lord. Our eternity is secure when He is our Savior.

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