Friday, July 29, 2011


I think this summer has been exceptionally hard for you. As much as you are a fun-loving, break-all-the-rules type of kid (and I love you for that), you operate very well when you are in a routine. This summer has required a lot of flexibility on your part, and I think that's been hard for you.

Tonight you disobeyed and were given a five minute time out in another room. That did not sit well with you, as the whole family was together at Mimi and Pop Pop's enjoying our last night here. You and I were having a discussion in the bedroom, and you just had a meltdown. I left you alone so you could cool down, and I when I came back we had a very interesting conversation.

In tears you said, "Mom, it is just so hard to make good choices. Why can't I make good choices? Why does being a kid have to be so hard?"

"You can make good choices Kent. You listen to me every day when I tell you to get dressed, or to brush your teeth, or to clean up. You know how to make good choices...sometimes though it is difficult."

"I'm never going to be able to make good choices." You said in a defeated whisper that about broke my heart.

I cuddled you and said, "Daddy, and I, and you are on a team. We are all going to work together to teach you to make good choices every day. I know we can do it! We are going to practice, practice, practice. And we are going to pray, pray and pray. And I know that you can and will make good choices" (I felt like Danny Tanner for sure here).

"Can I have a cracker now?"

Oh boy child. You melt my heart. I literally had tears streaming down my face as I tried to convince you that you are capable of making good choices. I believe in you Kent. And I believe in the God who forgives, restores, and gives grace abundantly...I know, because He's done it for me.

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