Monday, July 11, 2011

Here's our day in a nutshell:

I worked in the a.m. while you two played...not a fight or disagreement for three solid hours! So proud of you two.

At 2 pm we picked up Parker's buddy and we all went to see "Mr. Popper's Penguins". We haven't quite mastered the being quiet in movie theaters, but we sat up in the balcony in the very last row, so we didn't disturbed the other two families in there. After the movie ended, the credits were rolling to the tune of "Ice Ice Baby". Kent and I danced and danced while Parker and his buddy slouched in embarrassment in their chairs.

We all went out for ice-cream. I love to treat you. I love giving you good things...I know this is how God is with us. He desires to bless us. It warms His heart when He gives us gifts.

Anywhoo...when we got home you boys played "bad guys" for another two solid hours. You came up in various costumes, and I overheard several strategies of yours on how to overcome the enemy.

("Mom, can you please tie this on my neck like a good cowboy?")

After a devotion and story, I kissed the two of you and left you as I thought you were both asleep. Ten minutes later Parker, you burst in to my room holding a tooth in your hand. You of course were very excited!

(Tooth #7)

We had a great day together, and tomorrow might be a bit more hectic. You have to accompany me to the dentist while I get a filling (that should be interesting), and then the two of you have your school physicals tomorrow, and then we will close out the evening at Parker's baseball game.

I love you both, and I cherish the summer months when we can be together. Kiss. Kiss.

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