Sunday, July 31, 2011

Here is a conversation the two of you had on our way to Wendy's after church this evening...

"Kent, there are only two places to go when you're dead. You can go to heaven or you can go to hell."

"Heaven is bright", Kent added.

"Yes. But if you go to hell, it is very hot and there is no food and no water and there is Satan. Do you know who Satan is?" Parker asked.

"Yes. He's bad. I heard that in a Bible story. "

"Yes..he lived in Heaven with God and he wanted to be God and Jesus, and God said "no" and kicked him out to live in hell."

To which Kent added, "And Jesus died on the cross. He died with his two friends too. There was three people that died on the cross for our sins." (oh dear...we need a theo lesson)

"Yes, that's right Kent! (No it's not!) And there are two Gods. God and Jesus" (there are not two Gods..we need another theo lesson, but explaining the trinity separate but equal concept can be a little heavy for a 7 year old).

You both crack me up. You speak so matter of factly. I love that you are interested in the things of the Lord..we just need to sharpen up some of your info.

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