Thursday, June 16, 2011

As much as I hate driving the four hours home, it gives us a chance to chat. I know there will be teenage years when the most I'll get out of you is a grunt, so I cherish the times know when you are so chatty.

We drove by our Frankfort neighborhood today after I visited my former hair stylist (for the best haircut I've had in a year and a half), and as we passed our old house, Parker, you said, "I'm a little sad Mom. I really miss it here in Chicago."

"It's okay to be sad honey. Half of my heart is sad because I miss here, but the other half of my heart is really happy because I love our new life too."

"Okay then. Half my heart is sad, and half is happy."

Then Kent, you chimed in, "My heart is all happy."

"Really, why?" I asked.

"Because I have a mom, and a dad, and brother, and a house, and toys, and a baseball team, and donuts at church, God, and a best friend, Trenton."

"Wow Kent! You have a lot of blessings!"

"Yep. I do."

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