Sunday, May 29, 2011

Aye Aye Aye Boys,

our three day trip has turned in to what may be a three week trip. Two weeks ago I sat down with a calendar, a list of doctor appointments for Pop Pop, the church calendar, and both of your baseball schedules, and I came up with a traveling plan for the month of June. All of that has been thrown out the window. So much for being type A. So much for planning.

Today I am taking you to Grandma Joan, who will have you for one night, and then is transporting you back to Bethalto so you can be in your home, with your dad, and playing your baseball games...which you did NOT want to miss.

I am staying here for the week. Everyone works, so there is no one to stay with Pop Pop in the hospital. I work too, but I can go in the waiting room, and make my necessary calls and emails. We're not sure what this medical journey is going to entail, so we all don't want to use all of our days off work just yet...there may come a need for that in the future. So, since I'm the most flexible, I'm on Pop Pop duty this week...and I'm happy to do it. Someone needs to be there when the doctors come in and out with questions and information. Me and my notebook are ready.

On Friday, you and Daddy are going to drive back up here to Chicago so we can celebrate the dedication of Reid and Tatum, and so we can do a family photo shoot with all of the Elton siblings and our's Pop Pop's surprise Father's Day gift.

I will miss you terribly while you are gone, and I will think of you every minute of every hour. You are so good to share me with others who need me. Thank you for understanding that although I'm your mom, I'm also a daughter, and that role is being called upon with urgency now.

I HOPE you are good for Grandma Joan!!!! I'm sure Daddy will let you sleep in bed with him too...if you're extra good. You can all grind your teeth together all night in one painfully annoying symphony.


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