Thursday, April 7, 2011


Today was filled with more discouraging news, but I don't want to get in to that right now. I want to tell you all about the special memories I have had these last two days. Knowing what I know now, I am much more aware of the need to treasure each and every second that I get to be with my dad.

We have had such wonderful times of prayer...the six of us. We have laughed and laughed until our sides hurt. We actually made Pop Pop laugh so hard that he started to choke on his food...which sent off his heart sensors, and caused an irregular heartbeat. The nurses had to rush in, and get everyone out. The cardiologist was called in get his heart back to a regular beating. Of course, after he was stabilized, what does Pop Pop do? He LAUGHS about it.

Then, the medicine that he is taking to help the swelling go down in his brain, also makes his blood sugar soar. He has to be very careful of that considering he is a diabtic. This means he can eat nothing sweet. What does he do? He tries to sneak a bite of the cookie, and Mimi caught him and yanked it out of his mouth. He fought her for a bit, but eventually he ended up with a victorious little piece. He was like a kid a fat camp who got caught eating ice cream. We laughed about that too.

Our family has always been able to make each other laugh easily. All of us have complimenting senses of humor, and Pop Pop is the instigator in most of the comedic events that occurr. That hasn't changed. Honestly today, he laughed and laughed. Even as the oncologist is talking to him about the status of the situation, Pop Pop manages to sneak in jokes about the fact the Dr. is a democrat. Seeing as how Pop Pop is a staunch republican, this caused several laughs as well.

At one point there were five men in the room (his friends from church), and I was sitting next to his bedside holding his hands. Pop Pop starting telling a story about Kobi, and he had everyone crying of laughter. It was like we were all in the audience, and Pop Pop was the entertainment. He had us all rolling.

This is the man that your Pop Pop is. He was given grim news about his health, and hurs later he is lifting the spirits of everyone else.

My favorite moment of the day came when I made Pop Pop move over in his bed, and I crawled next to him. I put my head on his chest, and he put his arm around me. We were watching American Idol (which Pop Pop won't admit, but he is a closet fan), and I just closed my eyes and with a smile on my face enjoyed the presence of my loving, and strong father.

We brought you boys up for a just a minute tonight. Parker, you sat in the bed with Pop Pop and did your jokes from your comedy routine. Kent, you were a little more apprhensive, and stayed very close to Daddy.

We will go back tomorrow, but we are looking foward to Pop Pop coming home on Saturday.

This is just the beginning of a very long journey. You boys are going to be the light in my tunnel these next few months. You need me, but I need you more.

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