Monday, March 28, 2011

There were a few days off school last week for you, so Auntie Denise and I cooked up a surprise for you. We planned to meet her along with Nico and Gigi and Grandma Bea at an indoor water park a few hours away.

The morning we left, I told you boys that you and I were just going to spend a little "mother-son" time. But sneaky Kent saw me packing bathing suits, so you knew something was up. Parker, you detective, figured out that we were going to a hotel, so I compromised, and told you that we were going to a hotel to swim for one night.

I didn't lie. We were going to a hotel to swim. You just didn't know who would be joining us.

When we walked in to the place, Parker, you saw Nico pretty quick. But you didn't have any reaction. You were too confused. Then Kent, you saw Gigi, and your reaction was a HUGE smile on your face. Then I saw Auntie J, and I was surprised!

Parker, you kept pointing your finger at me and telling me, "You lied! You lied". But it wasn't accusatory, it was celebratory.

We all hung out at the water park, and then went back to the villa for the night. We had so much fun playing cards with Grandma Bea, and then you four kids played "Puppies" for hours. It's like "house", but you are all dogs. Actually, I think Nico might be human, and you are all his pets. When I checked in on you upstairs Gigi and Kent were in the hot tub and it was your dog house. I've learned not to think anything is weird with you boys.

There was also an indoor amusement park that there, and you boys were obsessed with the Tilt-a-Whirl. You must have rode that over a dozen times. I literally had to stop watching you ride it, because I was getting dizzy.

I'm not sure if these times with family help me or hurt me. I look forward to them for weeks, and then when the day comes where I get to be reunited with the ones I love most, the time goes too quickly, and my feet drag when I have to say my good-byes.

We just need to move all our family down here, along with Portillo's, Lou Malnatti's Pizza, and Woodfield Mall. Then my heart would be full. I'd have a wonderful church family, along with our relatives, along with yummy food and tons of shopping.

But, I am so thankful for these times with family. They put some gas in the engine, and make me feel so blessed to have such a great support system, regardless of distance.

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