Monday, February 21, 2011


Mimi and Pop Pop came to visit this past weekend. They arrived Thursday night, and you two were waiting by the door excitedly waiting for them. As soon as the car pulled in to the drive-way, you ran outside to greet them, and like gentlemen, you helped them carry in their things. Kent, you had Mimi's shirts for church in your hands, and as soon as you got inside, you dropped them on floor in the foyer. It's the thought that counts little one.

Friday morning we woke up early (I let you both skip school) and we went to the City Museum in St. Louis. That place was absolutely phenomenal, but I am glad we went on a day when school was in session. There are caves, tunnels, and tubes for exploring, and it would make me nervous to go there when there are a million kids. We essentially had the place to ourselves for close to two hours. You boys were having the time of your life exploring with your flashlights in hand. Parker, you'd venture first, and then when you gave the "go ahead", Kent would follow.

Mimi and Pop Pop are such troopers. They were climbing, sliding, and exploring with you! After that we came home and had dinner and spent the night celebrating Parker's upcoming birthday. You received presents from J, Grandma Bea, Shar Shar, and Mimi and Pop Pop.

Saturday morning we went to Parker's basketball game (you won), and then to Parker's soccer game (you lost). Then we relaxed in the afternoon and headed to Red Robin for dinner.

Mimi and Pop Pop left Sunday morning. You boys were sad to see them go, but Pop Pop promised they'd come back in the summer and build you a fort outside. We will see them when the twins are born, and hopefully we'll be back shortly after that.

We had a great weekend, and we love when they come.

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