Friday, November 12, 2010

The Moose and the Rock.

There was a moose. His name was Jake. The moose wanted to go for a walk. He found a rock. He picked it up and ran. He should it to his mom and dad. The moose said do you like the rock he said yes yes they said. The next day the moose went for a walk again and found two rocks. The next day he had to go to school. The moose put the two rocks in his pocket at school he gave them to his Teacher. After school he did the same thing again!

By, Parker Scottberg.

Last night I came in to check on you and hour or so after I put you to bed, and you were alseep, but you had several pieces of paper and a pencil in your lap as you lay snoring.

This is what was on the paper....

Then this morning when you woke up, you said, "Mom, last night I accidently went in the closet and got paper, and then I accidently went in the office and got a pencil. Then I wrote that story.

What am I going to do with you child?

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