Wednesday, November 10, 2010


In this postmodern world, truth is relative. I cannot imagine what your generation is going to look like. Absolute Truth is going to be in jeopardy, and personal and subjective theology will take over.

You need to know that standing for TRUTH does not mean you are intolerant. Do not allow the world to put that label on you. We accept and tolerate all PEOPLE, we do not tolerate nor accept SIN. There is a difference.

In this generation and in those to come, "truth" is ever changing. But, our Scripture tells us that JESUS is the way, TRUTH, and life. And, in the same Scripture is says that HE is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Therefore, Jesus is TRUTH today and He will be TRUTH tomorrow. He doesn't change, and neither do His ways.

Last night as I kissed you before I went to bed, I just said under my breath, "Lord, help them to walk in your ways and to proclaim TRUTH to their generation."

You may be the minority, but that is what a remnant is. A remnant is someone who is unchanged by the changing of this world. A remnant is unphased admist the chaos. A remnant is bold and brave. Speak the TRUTH boys, live the TRUTH, and seek after the TRUTH.

Use the Scripture as your guideline for TRUTH. Scripture is God-breathed, and it is ABSOLUTE.

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