Sunday, October 17, 2010

Parker...I do not want to forget this day.

You had a double header on Saturday. It was extra special because Mimi, Pop Pop, Auntie Shar Shar, Auntie J, and cousin Blake were there to cheer you on. The first game your team won by the score of 1-0. You played fantastic, but I could tell that your cough and bronchial issues made the running a bit difficult for you. But, you fought through it.

The second game of the day, your team was losing 3-0 with about 15 minutes left in the second half. In those 15 minutes, YOU SCORED 3 GOALS to send your team in to a shoot out in overtime. Your friend Nick made his shot, your friend Logan (he is from church too) made his shot, you made your shot, and then your goalie Shane blocked all the shots of the opposing team, and your team walked away with the victory.

I cannot explain the anticipation or the excitement of that game. I have played 1000's of softball games, and run in 1000's of track meets, but I think that was the single greatest sporting event I have ever witnessed. It was simply awesome.

You love every minute you are on that field. It was such a blessing for Mimi and Pop Pop to be there too. Grandpa Mangialardi was a fantastic soccer player, and so is Uncle Richie. You represent well, and make us so proud with your effort and determination. But, most importantly, you have fun. That is what its all about.

(you and these sunglasses. You HATE the sun, and insist on wearing these. The ref made you take them off for game #1, and then let you wear them for game #2 after your coached explained your diversion to the bright light. I guess I should get that checked out, huh?)

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