Saturday, September 11, 2010


the other day I was asking you what some of your favorite activities were, and you both agreed that "Family Night" was among the most anticipated events for you. So, of course, I had to plan one for this week. Growing up, Mimi orchestrated Family Nights for us, so I have a lot of ideas. Also, I read a blog written by a Pastor's wife and she has themed nights for her family. Then, this past month I read a blog by Pastor Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA, and he highlighted the importance of incorporating spiritual truths in to your family time together.

So, with all that said, I planned a family Wii Night. But, before we did that, we read the Bible Story of the parable about the woman who lost one of her gold coins, and how she searched until she found it. We talked about how when we don't love Jesus, we are far from Him, but he searches until He finds us and brings us home. Then we asked about times in our life when we have lost important items (Parker's Georgie, Kent's Gigi, my Blanky, and daddy's keys), and how we all looked endlessly until we found these things that we love and need. Then we each took a turn hiding a gold coin in our family room, and the other 3 people had to find it. You boys could hardly contain your excitement. After everyone had a turn hiding the coin, and a turn searching for it, we prayed together. Parker, one of your requests was that no one would cry when we were playing the Wii.

Moving right along...we then played Bowling, Golf, Tennis, and Baseball on the Wii..there were a few outbursts during baseball, and then MAJOR issues during baseball, but the night ended well with an ice cream sandwich.

One more funny boys enjoy making Mii's on the made one of Mimi, and one of "Black". When I asked you who in the world, "Black" was, you said, "MOM!! That's BLAKE." You also changed my Mii to be a much more plump version of me. You boys think you're sooo funny.

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