Tuesday, July 20, 2010


this afternoon we spent time playing baseball. Parker, we practiced fielding, catching, pitching, and throwing while you Kent, entertained yourself by playing with a colony of ants on the deck.

Kent, you finally accepted my invitation to play, and you took about 3 turns fielding before you decided you had enough. We moved to hitting, and Kent, you took time hitting off the Tee while Parker fielded, and I played first base. When it was Parker's turn to bat, you quit and took a place up on the deck.

"Mom, I'm gonna be the audience for Parker."

"Okay, then you have to cheer for him."

I proceeded to throw a few pitches to Parker, and he managed to connect with one. All of the sudden I heard you from your place by the picnic table,"And Parker hits a really really good hit. Go Cubs!".

Then it dawned on me, "Kent, you aren't the audience. Do you mean that you are the announcer?"

"Yes, I'm the guy Ron that talks on the phone in the car."

"Do you mean you are the guy who talks in the microphone and we hear him on the radio while we are in the car?"

"Yea. I'm him."

Oh Kenters, you were pretending to be my hero Ron Santo. As it stands, you do not love to play baseball like your brother, but you like being the announcer. Hey! I see a future in that. You love to talk, you love an audience, and you could be an announcer for the Cubs while Parker plays for the Cubs. I can see it now!!!

On a side note Parker, your hitting has improved. We lost 3 balls in the drainage pond behind our house today!

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