Monday, June 14, 2010

Here are my top 10 favorite moments of our week in TN in no particular order...

1)Watching Grandma Bea drive the bumper cars even though she doesn't even have her license. At one point, she was literally faced the opposite direction as the other 20 drivers. She was stuck in oncoming traffic and had no idea how to reverse her car.

2)Watching Kent put his hands up on every ride and then looking at me on the sidelines to be sure that I saw him.

3)Watching Blake. Everything that kid does is hilarious.

4)Seeing Sharon "drowning" in 4 inches of water. Me and Janna both peed our pants..we couldn't help it!

5)You boys on the go-carts. It was priceless.

6)Locking the car keys inside the cabin....along with the cabin's numeric code to unlock the cabin. Yeah, that was a fun hour.

7)All of the Minute to Win It games.

8)The Mine Roller Coaster ride with JP, Janna, and Jason and I. By far the best ride I've rode since AreoSmith in Florida (10 years ago).

9)Cheering for the Blackhawks with my sisters, my sons, my grandma, and my mom. We had no idea what was going on, but we knew who we were rooting for.

10) Watching my Grandma teach Parker the same card games she taught me as a kid.

*Day by day journal and pictures to come.


sharonie said...

what about Pop Pop winning all those tickets at the Arcade and getting all the boys prizes.

I loved watching all the boys face planted against the candy at Marble Slab picking out what they wanted on their icecream.

Oh man! Grandma in the stroller and Jason pushing her.

Trying to take a memorable family photo at the end of our 8hr day at dollywood!

Firecracker said...

So glad you had fun!