Monday, March 15, 2010


I am so sorry about the lack of's certainly not for the lack of material. We have been very consumed with trying to finalize paperwork to sell our home, get financing for a new home, and all of the paperwork involved in that. We are responsible for the death of a least 100 trees with all the papers we have wasted in this endeavor.

I love you. You're cute. You're bright. You're funny, You're imaginative. You're obsessed with video games. You're each others best friend.

Okay twisted my arm. I have time for ONE cute story. On Sunday night Kent was having a hard time separating from me and going in to the nursery. So, I called on "Big Brother" to help me. Parker, you came right over, put your arms around Kent and guided him in to the classroom. Kent, you in turn put your head on Parker's chest, and followed.

Ohhhhhh. That makes a mother's heart I tell ya.

In our new house (if, no, WHEN, the Lord sees it through)we are going to have three bedrooms again. But, I'm going to keep the two of you together. I mine as well enjoy the times when you want to be together.

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sharonie said...

that was like when my first grade teacher Mrs. Jackson had to come get you out of class because I wouldn't stop crying!