Wednesday, February 17, 2010

(This is M's car. She drew this and her mom sent it to me)

Parker, when you were 9 months old you met your first friend in nursery at church. Her name is M, and from that point on, you two were buddies for life. You continually tell me that you miss her, and that you are going to marry her. When you are asked about who is your best friend, she is the first name that excitedly comes out of your mouth. You have been in nursery together, Rainbows, and Bible Quiz, and you once told me that you didn't like Kids Church because the boys and girls couldn't sit next to each other, and that mean you and M were separated.

From a mother's heart, I love your friendship with M. You can be timid, but M brings out the true you. It makes me so sad to hear you talk about her, and not knowing if your paths will ever cross again.

Here is a letter you wrote to her last night.

Dear M,

I really miss you. Do you miss me? I have a new scool. Do you have bunk beds because I have bunk beds. Do you have snow because I have snow. What do you like? I howp you have a good day. Thank you for the perezint. Have a good day at church.

:) Parker Scottderg

This took you close to an hour and it filled up two sheets of paper. You were so thoughtful in what you wanted to write, and you even wrote with pink marker because you knew that was M's favorite color.

Last week I prayed with you boys for God to help you find good wives, and when we were done you said, "We don't have to pray for me to find a wife. I am going to marry M remember?!"

My little romantic.


Rae Nolt said...

THAT is the cutest thing!! I'm cheering for him to MARRY M! :)

barbara said...

I am so awed at the affection these little 5 year olds have. I don't know that I could ask for any better of a boy for my dear little Miriam...I guess we'll see in about 10-15 years.

I am truly touched by how you said that Miriam brings out the "true you" in Parker. That is the kind of friend I desire for my kids to be to others.

Miriam is looking forward to his letter...and where can she send birthday greetings to Parker?