Monday, February 15, 2010

(None of our pictures turn out right in the gym, so this is the best we have)


as soon as we arrived here we signed you up for the basketball league at the church. Your kindergarten teacher's husband is your coach, and you have several students from you school on your team. The first game, you were good, but you could tell you were a little hesitant.

This was difficult for you to digest. From the first few seconds of your first soccer season you were literally the best player in the league (and I'm not just saying that because I'm your mom. Once I overheard two moms from the opposing team talking, and one said to the other "Are we playing Green today?", and the other Mom said, "No, We are playing Parker today.) You were used to being the best and getting a lot of glory, so this was different for you. You weren't necessarily missing the praise (as your dad and I gave you attention for your efforts), but you were missing the feeling of success.

The second basketball game, you were aggressive and defensive, and had over 10 rebounds. I'll say this about give it your all all the time.

The week before your third game, you asked our family to pray for you to make a basket in a game. We prayed for God to give you the strength to play your best, and for the opportunity to make a shot. Sure enough, the following Saturday you made a basket. Your eyes were huge, and your smile even bigger. You actually made two. Then, last week, you made another one.

You are smaller than most of the players, but you defend like a giant. You are in every play, and somehow come out of the pack with the ball a good portion of the time. Every once in a while you forget to dribble, but that's normal. You get knocked down, and you get back up. You get hit in the face, but you keep on playing. You love love love to compete, and you understand that when someone on your team succeeds, so do you.

I love watching you play. Last week I signed you up for T-ball, and I put down that your dad would assistant coach. I'm soooo going to be the stage mom when it comes to baseball. Watch out!!

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