Monday, February 1, 2010


tonight we were reading a kid's devotional, and it was about how Jesus was punished for the things that we did wrong. One of the questions was asking if we could remember something that we did wrong, that may have hurt God.

I started. I told a story about how one time when I was 8 years old I took a few quarters out of my mom's purse so I could buy chips.

Daddy followed and said how one time when he was angry, he lost his temper.

Parker, you admitted that on one occasion you were playing Mario Kart and I had told you to turn off the game. You fessed up to playing three more levels after that.

Kent, your story was entirely made up...and it went like this..."One time when I was little I was playing Mario Kart and I took some money and put in in my hair...."

Hmmm...Kent, your story seems to be a bit of a hybrid of mine and Parker's. But you were so sincere.


Burkulater said...

Awe...that is so cute!

Just stopping by, looking for other Mommies to read from!

Megan said...

Ur boys make me laugh everytime! :D