Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am falling more and more in love with you. This age of 3 1/2 is my favorite. I used to just have to be on you all the time, correcting, cleaning, or redirecting you. Now, we can hang out and just enjoy each others company. We play games together, we watch PBS together, and we eat eat eat eat and eat together. I love you and your constant need for cuddling. I love every mispronounced word that come out of your mouth. I love that you beg to watch the Brady Bunch. I love that you think you are so funny, and I love how you laugh and anything even remotely out of the ordinary. I love listening to you imagine, and watching you play with cars, blocks, and legos. I love you and your dimples, your smile that won't quit, and your hands that are too chubby for your thin arms. I love your fuzzy hair, and your toosh that looks like a little bubble.

I love Kent Richard....don't grow up...please. I want to freeze you here.


Kristy said...

I wish I could keep my Jesslyn at her age too- she is going to be five soon. I can hardly stand it!

Megan said...

precious post!

Judith and Lance said...

I love Kent too. I wish he and Bella could get together and eat. When we play Sunday School it mainly consists of snack time, with the Bible story always coming "next" but we never quite make it past snack time :).