Monday, January 4, 2010

Kent, usually at night, you go down very easily. I put you in bed after we've been to the bathroom, and brushed your teeth. You climb in, get settled with the blankets, cuddle Gigi, and then ask for a few books. Most of the time, you don't read the just cuddle them, then you fall easily asleep. Some time though, you do flip through a few pages before you doze off. Tonight, you were looking at your Bible when you called me in to read a few stories. You saw the picture of Jesus ascending to Heaven, and you said, "Mom, look read this one! God is falling out of the sky!". I love you and I love your humorous perspectives. I told you how Jesus went to get Heaven ready for us and all of his friends, and you just stared and stared at the pictures. I think it is clicking in your mind.

You were such a big help to Daddy today, and you glowed as we praised you for your muscles and for your assistance. "Kent, you are such a good helper", I exclaimed. "I know!", you responded, "it's because I ate my Lucky Charms today." Riiigght. All that sugar is so good for you. :)

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