Sunday, December 20, 2009

CRAZY. That is how I can describe this past week. On Thursday night at the funeral home, Parker, you came down with a fever. I gave you some tylenol and we went to the funeral the next morning. When we got home later that afternoon I took your temp, and it was up to 102.9 degrees. The next morning we went straight to the doctor, and you were put on an antibiotic. You are fine now.

Saturday night Kent and I went to Auntie Denise's house just to be with the family. We're moving, Joshy and Adrian and Caprice were in town from Ohio, and who knows when the next time is that we will all be together. We laughed, and just enjoyed being in one anothers company. You boys received laser guns from my cousin Joey and his wife love them, to say the least.

Today Parker was still too sick, so the three of us stayed home. I wrapped gifts for 3 hours in my bedroom while the two of you played a combination of bad guys, bears, and forts for the entire time. We watched Elf, and Christmas Vacation on TV. You boys were angels today.

I feel like this holiday season has been slow going, because I haven't been able to enjoy the festivities, and now that Christmas is only 4 days away, I'm sad. We didn't get all of our decorations out this year, we didn't see Santa, we didn't make sugar cookies, we didn't watch Polar Express together, and we didn't read Christmas stories every night before bed. We've done all of these things in the past years. But, we can still salvage some seasonal traditions. We will sleep under the tree on the 23rd, and we will read "Twas the Night Before Christmas while in bed, and then we'll have all of our Christmas morning traditions.

I am so impressed with your ability to ride along the wave of life. You boys inspire me to keep my priorities straight, and to keep my heart open to love and life when sometimes I want to quit.

One more funny thing: Parker, you have declared "Santa Claus is Coming Town" and "Rudolph" to be your favorite songs of Christmas. Kent, you have stated that "Do you Hear what I Hear" as your ultimate choice. You sing "Do you Hear what I know?" all the time.

Love you boys...your anticipation for Christmas is contagious.

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