Monday, November 23, 2009

I don't have a lot of time today, so here is a quick recap.

Kent, your prayer was so cute last night. You thanked God for me, Daddy, Parker, Mickey Mouse, and Band-Aids. So random, but adorable. I was looking at you the other day and cannot believe how tall you have gotten. You and Parker spent the weekend with Mimi and Pop Pop and apparently you were quite the firecracker. Your strong will is enough to exhaust the most patient person. But not me. Ha Ha.

Parker, you are currently nursing an ear infection and are home from school, but you had an awesome weekend. You quizzed out 5 times in 5 matches and you scored a total of 270 points. Your team came in 3rd place and you came in 2nd place with your individual score. The saddest part is that Daddy and I were visiting friends for the weekend, and we missed your big day. As soon as I came home you ran to greet me with your trophy and ribbon in hand.

I am getting so excited for Christmas. I bought you both Cubs stockings today!! We'll decorate on Saturday.

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