Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We took you guys to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago yesterday. We enjoyed the time together as a family. You were the most concerned about your maps. Even though you could not actually decipher them, you loved to "read" the directions and attempted to navigate us through the enormous building.

You were enthralled with the submarine, and usually we have to see the exhibits quickly, but this time we actually got to examine them thoroughly. You didn't mind the little educational lessons behind each exhibit.

We ended the night with McDonald's and a movie about Superman and Batman fighting evil. At one point during the movie I acted like I was afraid, and Parker, you came over and sat with me at my request. You told Daddy that you were protecting me.

We then watched just a few short family videos. My favorite one is when the two of you are sitting on the couch upstairs singing a song you made up for me. It goes like this, "Mommy is pretty. Mommy is pretty. Mommy is pretty"....over and over gain. Then, in the middle of the song, Parker gets up and starts shaking his booty at the camera, and then Kent follows. Well..at least it was a nice song for a few seconds. What started as a tribute to your mommy, ended up with you boys laughing so hard at yourselves you couldn't even sing another note.

I wish every day was family day.

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