Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kenters, Oh how I absolutely adore you.

Here you are helping Daddy mow the lawn. This lasted about five minutes, and then you just wanted to go in the garage and play Street Fighter.

This is you last night. We were engaged in a battle. I had served dinner (Mac N Cheese Casserole), and Daddy and Parker had already finished. I had cleared the table, washed the dishes, and swept the floor. I was waiting on you to finish. You were begging for ice cream, but I wasn't giving you any because your meal was not finished. And so the stand off began. We all went about our business and ignored you, and sure enough, you ate your dinner. To my surprise, you were too full for dessert. The war must have exhausted you, because you took a bath and went right to bed.

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sharonie said...

i can give him some help on how to camp out when mom says he has to stay at the table til he eats his dinner.

look at his sock...the heal of it is on top of his foot.

ahh the poor little kenters...he's just melts me.....