Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some Labor Day Weekend pics..

Here is a glimpse of what happens at a Mangialardi party..everyone sits around and eats nonstop. Here is your Daddy, great grandfather Papa, great grandfather Grandpa Gaspare, Great Grandma Bea, Great Auntie Angela, and your grandma Mimi.

Here you are with your Great Aunt, Auntie Angela and your second cousin, Gigi. There are no "greats" or "seconds" in our family. Everyone is close, everyone is family, and everyone loves each other. You are so blessed.

Here is your precious cousin Kayla on the Scottberg side. Her and Kent are going to be a dangerous duo soon!

This is the caterpillar cupcake that we worked so hard on. Good job frosting guys!


Cara said...

what a cute idea with that cupcakes!

Kristy said...

those cupcakes are sooo cute!

sharonie said...

okay who is the betty crocker now?