Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday afternoons have become a favorite around here. It's so nice to relax in the afternoon, knowing that your evening can be used to prepare for the busy week that lies ahead. Here's a photo collage of our typical family day spent in the backyard...

Me--I typically have my nose in some type of fictional drama

Daddy-Daddy and his Mac. 'Nuf said.

P and K-The two of you in the playhouse being "Daddy and Son".

Kent..this one was just too funny not to post. There is no water in this pool, but you don't let anything stop you from having a good time.

Shortly after our nice day together, things took a turn for the worse. After bath time Kent broke a plate during dinner, and Parker did something that resulted in a lengthy time out. Oh well---at least the afternoon was blissful.

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sharonie said...

did you make sure they didn't hide any liver in that play kitchen of theirs?