Wednesday, June 17, 2009


today you went with me to the Orthopedic Doctor so I could have my left pinky examined. As it turns out, my finger is broken. The Dr. said I was in a very crummy situation. The joint near the knuckle was dislocated, and then the bone right above it is broken. The problem is that it is unusual to have both injuries. The solution for a dislocated finger is to ice it, but keep it mobile to avoid soreness. The solution for a break is too keep immobile in order to heal. So I am supposed to not move my finger, and I'm supposed to move my finger. The Dr seemed a bit perplexed as well and said that the pinky is too swollen to even get a good look at it. I am to go back next week to determine if a cast or possibly surgery is necessary in order to fix it. Either way, he said it could take a full 9-12 months before it's back to normal. It looks like my position as full-time pitcher on our family baseball team is in limbo.

At the Dr's office I had to bribe you with an entire box of Mike and Ike's in order for you to sit quiet during my x-rays and examination. The Dr was very impressed with your behavior, so he gave you each suckers as well. He also offered you each a role of medical tape as you were leaving, but you declined.

Today you spent the afternoon role playing downstairs. Kent's name was "Rich" and Parker's was "Spike", but Kent kept pronouncing it "Bike." It was hilarious. You cleared all the books off the shelves and replaced them with your pillows and blankets and were pretending they were bunk beds.

Never a dull moment. Who needs toys? You boys have the most vivid imaginations.

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