Monday, June 15, 2009


It's time you knew this about your mom...I AM A CLUTZ. I have had a cast on each leg (one a Cubs cast my Fr. year), I've broken 4 fingers, and sprained more ankles, wrists, and extremities than I can count.

The casts on my legs were compliments of my running days in High School. Both my Freshman and Sophomore year ended with stress fractures in my feet. All of my broken fingers are courtesy of my softball days. One time I was playing second base and had to cover the bag on a steal. The runner slid in to the bag and her feet inadvertently pinned down my glove to the base. The catcher had already released the ball, so I stuck out mt free hand out to stop the ball from going into Center and allowing the runner on 3rd to score. The result was two broken fingers on my right hand.

Last night I was playing 'Running Bases' with students. I wasn't running because I am currently nursing a leg with tendinitis. I was one of the two "catchers". I had noticed a big puddle in the field where we were playing and I had already stepped in it once. One of the students threw the ball to me, and I looked down to be sure I wasn't near the puddle. I was distracted long enough to miss the ball's timing, and my pinky caught the raw end of the deal.

I had to go to the ER and the Dr. just repositioned my bent pinky back to its normal shape. It is in a splint for a few days and then I have more x-rays this week. I am a walking catastrophe.

I hope you have athletic skill, but I hope your coordination is better than mine.

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Katie said...

Bethany, That stinks about your finger! Hope it heals fast!