Monday, February 16, 2009

I spoke at St. Matthew's in Schaumburg last night for their confirmation class of 2009, and it went well. It was a smaller class for this mega-church, but the 70 students were respectful, and they participated willingly. I feel honored that a Catholic church allows me, a pentecostal believer, to be part of their faith experience. I don't take that opportunity lightly. I presented them with God's view and desire for the gift of sex to be opened in the context of a marriage relationship. Most importantly I attempt to communicate the fact that God put's boundaries on sex because of His unfathomable love for us. He desires to protect us from the consequences that come from being disobedient, and He desires to bless us when we honor Him. We covered temptation, oral sex, pornography, sexual abuse, and secondary virginity. The best part for me, is watching the teenagers squirm cracks me up!

On a separate and random note check out this video on Erik's blog. I love love love this boy!


Cara said...

That is great Bethany and hopefully you have planted a seed in each of their hearts.

Kristy said...

that is awesome that you get to speak! and the video was so cute... he is quite the story teller!

Megan said...

I went to Erik's blog and that video of Kent is soooo cute.

I also like to watch teenagers wiggle around when you talk about sex. Even more so when you say "slag" words that they use. It is like they are shocked you know what it is. HAHA