Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Mommy will you tell me story?", Parker asked as I tucked him in bed.

"Yes. I am going to tell you about a boy named Joseph who had mean brothers, and he forgave them and was nice to them."

"No! I want a super hero story."

"Well, he's kind of like a super hero. He became a really powerful king."

"I know. I know this one already. He got a coat, his brothers were jealous, and they threw him in the lion's den."


Cara said...

Well he tried lol. Not bad for his age :)

Katie said...

Amazing how much info kids absorb! Not bad :)

Karebear said...

This is so awesome!
What a sweetie that Parker is!!!

Mrs. B. said...

AHAHAH! That's actually really good. :)