Saturday, January 17, 2009

Here is the premise of a book that I will write before I die.

I am one of those "crazies" who believes that teenagers are capable of interacting with members of the opposite gender in a way that can be beneficial to them, honoring to their parents, and pleasing to God. This book would be a manual for students, and would shape their thoughts and attitudes toward dating. I want to inspire them to experience healthy and Christ centered relationships.

"The Four Knows of Dating"

1) Know God...and his standards for relationships.

2) Know Your Parents...and their expectations for relationships.

3) Know Yourself...and who you are.

4) Know Your Standard...and what you will invest emotionally and physically.

I have these four steps outlined and divided in to three subcategories. I've actually written the first chapter. That was almost a year ago. With two boys at my feet constantly, it is very difficult to sit and write. By the time the boys are in bed, the last thing I want to do is think. I want to intentionally disconnect from anything that requires energy or effort. Maybe by the time my boys are teenagers and are interested in dating, I'll have it finished.

The first sentence and the concluding sentence of each chapter are going to be the same. It is a theme that I constantly try to impart to our students. Relationships with others compliment our life, but only a relationship with God completes who we are.


Cara said...

writing a book could take years, I think it is almost better. Then you have all that time to perfect your thoughts.

Kristy said...

WOW.... I love the ending quote..... I think you have a great way with words and could totally succeed as an author!

Mrs. B. said...

So good, Bethany!

mscottberg said...

i will be the first to buy it so kayla is ready when we let her date...she will have lots of time since brian said that will be when she is 40 years old:-)

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