Friday, January 2, 2009

Here are some of my goals for 2009.

I want to eat less chocolate. I eat chocolate in some form every day. I'd like to replace candy with carrots. That's feasible, right?

I want to save more money. I have a numeric goal that I'd like to reach within three months. This means less trips to Target, and truly discovering the difference between want and need.

I want to better manage my time, so that God isn't getting the leftover part of my day.

I want to be a better guard of my boundaries, and better protector of my family.

I want to be less reactionary. I want to pause when I am presented with an issue, so that my actions are a result of prayerful conclusions, rather than fleshly outbursts.

I want to be purposeful in remembering my blessings, and I want to intentionally instill in my children an attitude of gratefulness and humility.

All of this (especially the chocolate) by God's grace.


Cara said...

Sounds like you have a busy year ahead of you. Good luck giving up chocolate. You might need a 12 step program to kick that habit

Mike Stenglein said...

A tip that I use for being less reactionary: I assume a blank stare and scratch my head when presented with any phrase in question form. (Give me time to think) JK.
I wish you well in your venture, I will say prayers for you and offer help in any way that I can. BTW keep me in your thoughts as I plan to concoct my resolutions this weekend.

Megan said...

I think all these are very good goals. Some are harder than others, but good goals!

I do think replacing candy with carrots is feasible. I probably think that because I love baby carrots. You can carry carrots in your purse in a ziplock bag just like you can candy. ;}

Kristy said...

I need to stop spending at Target too... it is just so great!