Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last night I was asking Parker about his time at Rainbows.

"Did you get in trouble?"
"No. But "John Doe" (I don't want to implicate anyone) and I were wrestling".
"Parker! I said no wrestling or guns in church!"
"But he knocked down Miriam and Emma's tower and I didn't want him to."
"Oh. Where you trying to protect Miriam and Emma's creation?"
"Yes mom! That's what friends do for each other!"
"That was very nice of you, but use your words."
"I did that but wrestling is funner."

Boys will be boys.

Let's not forget Kenters. Yesterday I got out of the shower to find him sitting downstairs with two jars of peanut butter. He had one fist in each jar, and was licking his fingers like lollipops.

Boys will be boys.


Megan said...

wow. Miriam better see what she is missing out on. ;} You know your husband would tackle down another boy if he knocked down something of yours. ;}

Kent's story just made me laugh! How funny!

Kristy said...

The peanut butter story is hilarious!!!

Joan said...

I'm surprised he got them open. Then again maybe not. Do you remember seeing the pictures of Erik and the Nestles Quick?

Katie said...

I could Picture Kent with the peanutbutter... did you take a pic?