Saturday, January 5, 2008

I am recovering from the Mangialardi Girl's Sleepover. We had three generations of women present. Grandma Bea, her three daughters, and their five daughters. I love being with these women. In fact, as I sat around the kitchen table yesterday during a round of Pit (the card game) I thought to myself, "There is no place I'd rather be right now." I can see elements of myself in each of the them, and I know at one point or another in my life, I tried hard to imitate them as well. I looked over at my mom, and saw that I throw my head back in laughter in the exact same way that she does. When I was sitting next to my grandmother, I noticed that our noses have the same profile view. I have the same sense of humor as one of my aunts, and the identical hand mannerisms as the other. My one sister and I have the same tone to our voice, and we've both have thought we were the other one in pictures. My other sister and I seemingly have joint brains. We have this eerie ability to communicate without even talking. I am obviously physically a part of these women, as we have the same genes, but I see how they've played an even greater role in shaping me into who I am.

On a funnier note, after a three hour stint of musical beds, two episodes of pants wetting (not me!), a hilarious game of SPOONS, and a long game of "let's see who can get Kent to go back to sleep", we all finally closed our eyes around 2:30 am.

I have a migraine today and two incredibly crabby children, but it's worth it. I'd do this every weekend if I could.

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