Monday, December 3, 2007

What's the next step?

I find writing to be a fulfilling outlet and therapeutic activity. I blog on this particular page approximately five times during an average week. I also have another blog where I write about the adventures of my ministry experiences both past and present. God has been faithful to me these past seven years we have been in youth ministry, and He continues to teach me about serving Him with each passing year. I unfortunately have many friends, and have heard of numerous young women who have experienced hardship, hurt, and betrayal in their ministry posts. Some of their difficulty stems from church related issues, others deal with obstacles in their marriage as a result of being a minister's wife, and still others struggle with esteem and loneliness.

My current pastor's wife blog is private, and the only invited reader is my husband. My hope is that eventually I will be comfortable with inviting other young minister's wives to read my thoughts. My desire is that through my transparency about my feelings, thoughts, and experiences they would be encouraged to see how God has been faithful and continues to sustain my life, and offers that same provision for them. I'm not sure if God has placed this calling on my heart, but if I have the desire to support women in ministry, and I enjoy communicating through writing, then maybe God has given me the practical tools to pursue this ministry.

Please pray that God would open the doors that need to opened, and that I would not only be obedient to walk through them, but that I would be diligent and proactive in fulfilling the assignment that He has for me and my life.

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sharonie said...

i think you are a wonderful pastor's wife. I think that you give so much more to your ministry than I have seen other pastor's wives do. You are doing a great job, and I know that if God laid it on your heart to go somewhere or do something you would not hesitate, you may have to push aside the "monica" ways and tendencies, but I know that you would never push the Lord's calling away.