Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Twice the Fun

Having two boys means having twice the fun. Today I took Kent to get his 15 month shots (I know I am two months late for that), and while we were there I asked if Parker could have his flu shot as well. I thought, "great, I can kill two birds with one stone". WRONG!

I decided that we would have Kent get his shots first because I needed time to prepare Parker. He thought we were there only for Kent, so I wanted to talk to him about getting his own shot. Kent received three shots and screamed for each one. While he was still recovering, I had to put him down in order to hold Parker for his shot. Parker reacted the way any child would react to a needle, and he completely lost all control. After the nurse was finished, I had to two hysterical boys. Each one wanted to be comforted, each one wanted to be held because their legs hurt from the injection, and to top it all off I still had to stand in line at the cashier station to pay for the charges.

I carried out two screaming boys (one on each hip), three jackets (it was too chaotic to bother putting them on), a purse, a stuffed bunny, curious george, a sippe cup, a pacifier, a stack of receipts and instructions, and a partridge in a pear tree.

We have to go back in month for them to receive the second dose of the flu shot (something new required by the State this year). I am only going if Erik goes with me. I'm brave, but not stupid.


Angel said...

I'm so sorry you had such a trying time! That is why I never take both boys to the Dr. by myself anymore! We always schedule it Ronnie' day off so he can go too! Maybe one day you can look back and laugh about it?

Katie said...

I'm sure the event was not very comical when you were in the moment! The past 7 years I have been my sister's extra hand in situations like that... now she's so far.. :( If you can't schedule it on you hubby's day off let me know... I would be happy to help!

sharonie said...

ahhh my two little boys...how sad! I remember getting shots and crying.....they are pretty bad! I am sure you had to baby them the rest of the day too....okay so next time do it on a Thursday!