Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm back....

It's been a week, and I've been busy. Returning, shopping, eating, cleaning, visiting, and I even got in some relaxing.

On the way home from families house on Christmas Day, we prayed together as a family and thanked God for meeting every one of our needs, and then blessing us with some wants as well. I am always touched and humbled during this season, because we have are constantly the recipients of people's generosity. I am grateful, and I want to instill a sense of appreciation in our boys as well. On Christmas morning, the first gift Parker opened was a package of four Batman figures. His immediate response was, "But, I didn't ask for these." I politely reminded him that sometimes we get good things even though we don't ask and certainly don't deserve.

Parker opened each gift, and a high pitch squeal followed every time. He would jump up and down as he showed off his new item. He showed the same amount of excitement whether he got underwear, or the much asked for ball pit. The best part of Christmas was definitely watching him.

I expected Kent to be a little more interested than he was. He was fixated on climbing through the mountains of boxes, and he enjoyed the wads of disposed wrapping paper. Oh well, maybe next year he'll understand more.

I am having a progressive dinner at our home tonight and it is followed by a sleepover. Tomorrow the boys and I will be at another sleepover for the Mangialardi women. Sunday we are going to be visiting friends, and Monday we will be with good friends as well. I'd say I'll blog again of Tuesday, but I am sure I will be recovering from a late night!

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sharonie said...

i will never forget parker opening up his gifts in that high pitch scream and holding the gifts up and down like he won a trophy.