Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall Retreat

This past weekend the CREW had our first annual Fall Retreat. I got lost in a corn maze, stranded in a pumpkin patch, pelted with burrs, jeopardized the lives of 11 precious people in the van by almost running a red light, jokingly accused the students of stealing my anointed Bible (of which I later remembered that I put in the door of the van), had a late night encounter at Taco Bell with the seniors, got the van lost on the way home (thanks Aldo--A:Go North!!! B:Um, I see the Sear's Tower. A:Oh, maybe we should turn around then B:Why are we taking direction's from students?), and on a more serious note, I really had the opportunity to focus soley on my relationship with God.

I don't want to brag...but I will. My husband really hit the nail on the head this past weekend. On Friday night he talked about apathy and how there are four things that can contribute to the problem (Laziness, Repetition, Hurts, and Sin), and then gave us correlating cures for each of the issues....I can't remember the first two (sorry honey), but the last two solutions really stuck with me. They were healing of hurts and confession of sin.

Then Saturday morning he spoke about our relationships with others and how there is a direct correlation between them and how we are interacting with God. We then had the opportunity to share communion with those that we had conflict with....we forgive as we have been forgiven. I was so proud of how the students took advantage of this opportunity. It was beautiful to look around the room and see groups of people (myself included) who had previous issues now sharing in the Lord's supper. It was a time of healing hearts and relationships. Erik always says, "you'll get out what you put into it", and I sincerely invested all of my focus and energy on hearing from God and growing closer to him, and that is exactly what happened.

Good Times. Good Times.


sharonie said...

so I remember our retreat when Steve had us do the same...share communion and talk to those we had conflict with. I still remember that after 10 years ago. Your students will remember adn look back at this retreat with many social and spiritual memories.

Angel said...

Sounds like you guys had a great retreat! Glad good things happened with your students. Sounds encouraging!