Friday, August 10, 2007


Wedding drama has already begun. It has been five days since Janna got engaged, and already at least that many arguments have occurred. It is hard not to find some of these disagreements amusing. Maybe I find them entertaining because it's not my wedding. I think the biggest fight my mom and I got in while planning my wedding was over bows. My wedding dress originally had a Minnie Mouse bow on the back, and a few weeks before the big day I cut if off. My mom was furious with me....but even now I think I made the right choice. Then, my invitations originally came with decorative silk bows at the top. While at Chili's with the family I decided I did not want them included on the final invitations sent out. I'll never forget the how heated and elevated the conversation got over those bows. Other than that, my mom and I pretty much got along. It was easy because I was in Missouri and she was here in Illinois, so she just pretty much planned the whole thing. I was fine with that, and it turned out to be beautiful.

Now it is Janna's turn. Janna tends to want to be a bit more involved in the whole process. My mom, or Rosie, as we affectionately call her, has planned two weddings previous to this one, and has done a fantabulous job. But, already five day s in to this Janna and Rosie are disagreeing about flowers, wedding day schedule, bride's maid dress colors, and "themes". I made the mistake of taking a side in a recent argument...I will never do that again!

So, for the next 11 months I am just going to be the listener, not an opinion giver. This may be a near impossible task for me to do, but I know it will be for the best. I'll just let them duke it out, and hopefully I'll remain like Sweden in the process.

Again, I think it is quite humorous for an outsider to watch this Italian clan of opionated, dominating, an verbal women try to peacefully navigate a potentially chaotic conversation. Ahh...the joys of wedding planning. I pray there will be no casulties in this war of the well meaning yet aggressive participants. (I, of course, am including my self in this description!)


Happyness said...

My father, who came from a family of 5 boys, and had two sons of his own before he had me, once gave me some very sound advice during the planning of my own nuptials:

"Honey, this is your mother's wedding. You don't get to plan your own weddings until you have daughters of your own. Sorry."

Being daddy's little girl, this was true to a point (I mostly got what I wanted). BUT looking back on my own planning, I can definitely see what he meant.

sharonie said...

ummm what about you and I arguing in the David's Bridal dressing room! And you threatening to kick me out of your wedding and not letting me be maid of honor anymore.