Friday, August 3, 2007


I think there is a difference between what God ordains and what He allows. There are certain events that have occurred where I just don't believe that God intentionally orchestrated for them to take place, but because of our human nature, he allows for them to be. The story of Job keeps coming to mind. God was not the author of the destruction in Job's life, yet he allowed it to happen. I guess my question now is, if God does not originate the suffering, why would he allow it? If He has all the power to intervene, why does He opt not to at times?

I know all of the theological answers and philosophies to this question, but sometimes I just want a short, simple conclusion.

I called a friend this morning and asked her to pray with me, and one of the things she prayed was for me to not seek to know why these things are happening, but to seek to understand the heart of God instead.

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sharonie said...

right now I have been praying that God's peace would be so powerful and so overwhelming that you don't even have a chance to question why