Friday, July 13, 2007

I think I'm going to get arrested

Today we had Kent's one year check up with the doctor. First of all, this goes out to all pediatric facilities...I'd rather wait longer in the waiting room, than be escorted to the examination room quickly and have to wait there for an eternity. It is much easier to keep my children entertained when there are other people to keep their attention, not to mention a movie and books. In our examination rooms, there are no toys, no books, and no activities to distract the children. My boys kept opening drawers, garbage cans, and window blinds. There is a huge sign in each room that says, "NO FOOD". I smuggled in some cheerios and was discreetly feeding them to the boys. It's either that or they'd be in the equipment which would cost me a gazillion dollars to replace.

Anyways, the Dr. came into the room and he and I were conversing about Kent's progress when Parker began to jump on the chair. I gave him the eye and pointed to the chair. He sat down and said, "Mommy, you put me in time out in the cage?" I immediately stopped talking and looked at him completely astonished. "WHAT are you talking about? People don't go in cages, only animals do." I looked at the Dr, and gave him an "i have no idea what this kid is talking about" look. I hope he believed me. I gave Parker a sucker to pacify him (breaking the NO FOOD rule for the second time), and he sat quietly for the remainder of the visit.

Once we where in the car I asked Parker what he was referring to when he asked about being in time out in a cage. He clarified that Policemen put bad guys in time outs in big big cages (jail cells to you and me). I wish the Dr. where there to hear that! He probably thinks I'm a whacko. It may have been me, but I could promise that the Dr. gave me a suspicious look as we left today. I probably have an astrix next to my name in the charts. I feel like Elaine. I desperately want to see those notes the Dr. took today.

On the upside, Kent is great. He is 31 1/2 inches tall and weighs almost 22 lbs. He is in the 50th percentile for his weight and in the 90th for his height. All in all, he is a healthy little marshmellow.


Angel said...

I'll have to call you about my last dr's visit with Josh and Josiah. It was similiar to yours!!! Next time, we're going with daddy!

Kelly Weinberg said...

So this is what I get to look foward to in the future? I'm glad that you had kids before me b/c I can learn from you! :) I'll be contacting you for advice when I have kids someday (hopefully someday soon!).